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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 78

I look and I look hard.

I take a long deep hard look.

I see where if I do not change I’m going to wind up.

I know I need to changed from this evil way.

But no matter how bad I want to change evil stays there right by my side.

there is no way I can do good.

The bible points me to the Sabbath. there I say that I can do.

I feel here is one way I can show God that I love him; and after all is it not all bout love?

I read in the book of Psalms that the Sabbath is to be a delight to me.

Thus I go about making Sunday a day of joy to me.

I make time to watch a football game.

I go out to enjoy a nice meal at a good restaurant.

I have friends over and we play games and cards.

I even make time to go to morning church services.

But I’m finding not much joy in my walk with God right now.

what could be wrong?

I read the bible some more.

It tells me that the Sabbath is not the first day of the week as I thought.

It says that Saturday not Sunday is the Sabbath.

however if I were to keep the bible Sabbath I would have to give up so much of my life as I now know it.

Why does doing things the bible way have to be so hard?

So I try to keep the biblical Sabbath.

But I find it so hard to do.

Its not like keeping Sunday as everyone else is doing.

It puts me at odds with everyone else in the world.

I don’t want to be so different from other Christians.

So I ask myself, why do some Christians keep Sunday while others keep Saturday?

Has the Sabbath been changed?

Did Jesus change it?

If changing his law was all that was needed why did he have to die?

And if he did change it as many like to say he did, then why in John 14:15 does he tell me to keep it if I love him?

And if Jesus didn’t change it, who did?

I have learned that even though I do not know all that is involved I can place my faith in and when the time is right as long as I keep close to him he will give me the understanding I need.

Till then I walk in faith remembering that

I will ever place my trust and faith in Jesus.

He will ever see me through if by faith I walk in obedience to what he ask of me.

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