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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 79 Christians Living a Lie vs. Christians Living out the Truth

Many who call themselves Christian

who say they believe in Jesus

who claim to be living a Christian lifestyle

are in reality living a life that is a lie.

they deny Christ power to change lives now.

They articulate with pride, with pride so it seems, that Jesus has no power to stop us from sinning.

Satan they are always has the power to make them sin, but

Jesus has no power to stop us till he comes back and does away with Satan.

If this were truth what does it teach about Jesus?

What does it teach about Satan?

That is tandem to saying Satan has more power than Jesus.

If that were truth then there is no way on this here earth or in the heavens above that Jesus could save us from Satan’s grip.

Nor would he have enough dominance over Satan to destroy him unless He were to use trickery and deceit.

If Jesus were at all this way he would not be pure and holy.

Jesus himself would need a savior just like us.

By what authority or right would  Jesus have to tell us to keep the Seventh-day Sabbath?

He claims the 7th-day Sabbath as his and it is the mark of his authority .

Satan and the Popes claim the 1st-day as theirs and it is the mark of their authority.

Who would be right?

Satan could just step up to the plate and say to Jesus: I am the strong one around here so get out of here.

This could be the way it would come down if it were to be truth; but its not.

Thus we are able to see how Christians are living a lie vs. Christians who live out the truth.

Jesus is the God who wrote the Ten Commandments with his finger onto stone.

Satan has been unable to do that.

Jesus is the one who created this universe with all that is in it.

Satan has not been able to do that.

So who is the stronger?

Thus Jesus is able to save from the gutter most to the upper most.

Thus should we not be obeying him rather than Satan?

Why are we on a continue basis being Christians living a lie rather than Christians who live out the truth.

Liberty = a life free from Satan’s control and the control of sin over your life.

Death = rejection of God’s way in one’s life- control of one’s life by Satan and sin- eternal damnation and separation from God forever no second chance.

Why are Christians living out a lie rather than living out the truth?

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