Death comes with rebellion and rejection of Jesus · God's character · growing in Christ · Growing in Grace · Judgment coming · Lack of obedience · Salvation in Jesus

Liberty Or Death: Which Part 80

God has shown all mankind his true character; a character of love toward all his creation.

Most people believe God to be a God of vengeance.

A God who looks down upon his creatures just looking for every little wrong that they do.

If our heavenly Father were that way all he would have to do is take his care from us and we would all die.


Now it is true that he has set apart judgment for all who persist in their rebellion.

But he has made it very clear.

Death need not be.

A crown of life may be won.

But for all who reject his way death lays at their door.

God however has presented mankind with grace.

we find that grace in Jesus the Christ.

It is in Jesus that we find all the precious promises that give us the ability to build characters  that are Christ-like.

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