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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 81

2nd Peter talks about Christians that never seem to get rooted in Christ and his word.

they never grow one iota in their Christian walk.

their purity of life never appears.

According to scripture what is the reason for their failure to grow in grace and reach a Christ- filled lifestyle.

2nd Peter 2: 2 gives us that reason.

It states: Many ( Christians ) follow their destructive ways. they blaspheme God’s truths by the way they choose to live.

2nd Peter 2: 3 says:

They covet the things that this world has to offer.

Because of this they twist words and thoughts around to make it look as if they are living out scripture.

their judgment becomes so twisted that they do not know what truth is, thus they believe truth to be a lie and lies to be truth.

they are asleep when it comes to living a true Christian life.

While in this state of mind they see nothing wrong in filling their mind with war-like activities.

They also think that they are able to lay hold of drink and the tobacco weed as well as other poisonous weeds and still be good faithful Christians.

whether or not its delving into idolatry, witchcraft, harlotry, or what to them is some other form of innocent and amusing sin most Christians think that there is nothing wrong with their Christianity by their participation in these worldly vices.

Then they wonder why Atheists,  Buddhist, and other such religions want nothing to to do with the Christian faith.

They then feel that they have to turn to force in order to make them  Christians.

But what have they now done but to make people even more infuriated at them.

2nd Peter 2: 4-6, 9  has this to say to these Christians who abuse His name in this manner.

God says: I did not spare the angels who were by my side on a continual bases.

I cast them out of my presence and in this earth have a fire of destruction waiting for them.

I did not spare your ancient ancestors but sent a flood upon them to destroy them from the face of the earth.

Sodom and Gomorrah I also delivered to eternal destruction for the sins of their people.

Look to Sodom and Gomorrah , they are meant to be to you a sign of what will happen to you if you refuse to turn from those earthly ways of yours.

The Lord God whom you claim to serve knows how to deliver you in the time of trouble.

He also knows how to deliver you into eternal damnation.

I am the God who created you and if you turn from those sin filled worldly ways that you cling onto in the day of judgment I will deliver you.

But if you keep on profaning my name before the world, who is looking at you to determine my worth, in the day of judgment it will be far worst on you than on them; for I will hold their blood on you.

Please o Christian we are now in the end times. Judgment day is here. Can you afford to continue clinging onto your worldliness.

Remember this: you are the architect of your own fate: whether to destruction or to life.

You are the one whom must choose.

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