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Liberty or Death: Which Part 83 The Power of God to do as He says he Will

Another way of Saying this is that

If God has the power to draw us to him he has the power to make it so we can obey his word.

Through the Holy Spirit if we will delight in obeying him he will be with us and lift us up out of our sin filled ways.

He will cause us to ride the wave of obedience into His New Jerusalem.

But we will have to decide whether or not we trust His judgment more than our own.

Are will willing to trust him and obey the 7th-day Sabbath commandment or will we determine the day we choose will and must be accepted by him?

will we call God’s Sabbath a delight or will we continue to call it a burden?

One way we will receive the power of God to do as he says he will.

the other way receives the power of Satan  to prevent one from understanding God’s will and purpose.

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