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Liberty or Death: Which Part 85 Jesus is Calling Come Home

Jesus’ trumpet is sounding.

It is a calling for us to come home.

People are laying to waste His words, His book the bible, and His atoning blood.

people even within the church are making right wrong and wrong right.

Christians are busy making their version of scripture a delight.

Their first step is by throwing  away all thus saith the Lord.

 thus I can choose whatever day that fits my desires and fill my plate with them.

They take out God’s 7th-day Sabbath which Jesus wrote on stone with his own finger and place it along side and part of the ceremonial sabbaths.

this allows them to set up their own day and to call it Sabbath, God’s holy day.

in reality it’s their holy day, the day that pleases their desires and not God’s.

They think God accepts their desires as most important above his.

But God does not put what we want do or what we are willing to do above what he wants us to do.

Jesus carries us back to Mount Sinai.

He reminds us that His Sabbath day is part of the Ten  Commandments.

Jesus is telling all Christians that after working and making a living for you and your family he set apart the 7th-day as His holy Sabbath day.

It is this day not your day that God is asking you to hold as a delight.

He wants us to do it not by placing our desires and our pleasures in that day but to perform God’s desires and God’s pleasures in the day; and to find a new pleasure in doing so.

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