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Receive The Peace That is in Jesus Part 10: Our Creator Becomes One of Us

In the beginning Adam and Eve choose the

over their Creator.

However in Genesis chapter three we see a promise of a savior come forth. this promise was for the whole world and was made long before their was a Jewish Nation. Thus long before the Jewish time period did the promise of a savior come to mankind thus making it for all and not just for the Jew.

Cain and Abel show further evidence of that promise.  It is thus that Jesus was making clear to the world that he was to come and sacrifice his life on behalf of us in order for us to overcome sin and have eternal life.

But soon the time came. It was a long time coming in man’s way of counting but, in God’s way it was like yesterday.  Jesus had tried through the Jewish people to keep the message of salvation alive. However the Israeli people were fast turning their backs on him and relying more upon their works and ceremonies.

it is under these conditions that the Christian became His replacement to carry the message of Jesus becoming one with us to the world. Are we now following in the footsteps of the Jewish nation? If not then why are we depending more and still more upon our traditions and our beautiful forms of worship? In the early Christian era the Jews hated the Christians. Today they are buddies with us, many are even finding biblical reasons for our existence.

Would Jesus today tell us as he told the Jews of his day; one is not a Christian just because he is a descendant of a Christian?

Our creator has become one with us so that we might be saved. Let us not turn our backs to him.

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