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Liberty or Death: Which Part 88 The 5th- Commandment Still Stands

Commandment number five is

Many understand this to be mainly a child’s commandment.




is not all there is to

Honoring your elders has always been a part of this commandment.

The young and the elderly honoring each other has to be or one is not keeping the 5Th-commandment.

Respecting one’s elders goes a long way to fulfilling this commandment but the commandment does not end there.

The way we are with our elders  show the world that we either honor our elderly folk or we think that they should hold no more important place in our society.

In our minds eye it seems to be all about us.

Its all me, me, me.

We make apportion legal mostly due to that child of God would interfere with what in this life we want.

Its our rights to the kind of life we want that it is all important.

Our intolerant characters go so far that if our parents or those who are elderly round about us get between us and what we want we’ll do what it takes to get our pleasures fulfilled.


But the 5th-commandmnt still stands,

And they seem to know it not while it condemns everything they do and say.

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