Honoring others · The 5th-commandment

Liberty or Death: Which Part 89 Honor is More Than Just a Word it Includes Actions

We all love words once in awhile. Words when they are used to life people up, to praise good deeds that they have done, or even if they are used to puff people up are taken in with joy.

However when words are used to hurt, to harm characters, or to bully people around, at lease those who rub into these words being used against them, rather than loving these words hate them.

Honoring people however takes far more than words on part of both parties.

While this list was made up to show the difference between good and bad children, it stands for the way adults are also.

Adults are not automatically just because they are older than you due respect and honor.

Gratefulness Toward God and all he has done for us should ever be present in our heart; after all He is mankind’s Father. Instead we even as adults act like a punch of spoiled brats.

Children often act as unpleasant monsters toward their parents and we so often condemn them for it. However take a good look at the way all too many parents treat the little ones that had no choice in the matter as to whether or not they wanted to be born.

Honesty: Everyone wants people, governments, and such to be honest with them. But yet look at how we react to them from the time they are little babes. The cleverness they use to get their way. But instead of correcting them we laugh at it. Its so cute to us and without thinking we encourage them in this way that they are heading. Is it any wonder that children grow up and become sneaky people. Good politician’s are they not?

We grow up into a liars and then teach our children to be birds of the same cloth; only each successive generation gets worse. No wonder this world is in the mess its in and only getting worse all the time.

Trustworthiness: Is there anyone that can be trusted today? we all like to consider ourselves trustworthy but honestly just how far to we really think people will trust us?

Pride and the desire for the good life controls a lot of what we do and say. When it comes down to push or shove will we take a hit and do the right thing even though we might be considered fools.

Just how are we to teach our children what honoring people truly means when we ourselves seem not to know or at least we do not do?

Its about time the we realize that honor is more than just a word it includes actions.

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