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Liberty or Death: Which Part 90 Due Honor

the 5th-commandment is far more than just telling little children to treat their parents with the proper respect.

it includes our dealings with all mankind.

That person shopping along side you at the store.

That someone you are driving along side of whom might have cut you off either by accident or even on purpose still falls under the umbrella of the 5th-commandment.

All mankind in all circumstances always, not just sometimes, are to be treated the way God expects us to treat them.

Especially should we be doing all we can to lift up our brothers and sisters who are fellow Christians. Whether young or old we need to treat them with the proper respect. But all too often the elderly are driving the youth into the hands of the world where they will be forever lost by their insults and false accusations. On the other end of the spectrum our young people seem to want nothing to do with the elderly. The want to push them into some little corner where they do not have to deal with them. Old fogies they call them.

 How can they demand the elderly to honor them when they fail to give due honor to their elders and just how can the elderly demand the proper honor from the youth and never give due honor to them?

Then like it or not God goes so far as to tell us that even among countries and nations there has to be proper and due honor given. Whether it be a Hitler,  a Pol Pot, a George Bush, a Barack Obama, and yes even a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump  due honor is to be given them.

Whether King and Queen, Emperor, Dictator, or President if you give them not their due honor  you fall short in your obedience to God. Look at the way Daniel treated Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel along with his three friends for certain stood up to him when needed but even when they had to go against the Babylonian king they gave him his due honor. This they did even though they knew that their lives were on the line.

Due honor to all by all is part of keeping the 5th- commandment.


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