The commandments are needed · the commandments kept would bring peace and safety · the death of rejection of God's law

Liberty or Death: Which Part 94 Respect Shown to all by all

We all would love to live safe and sound with absolute peace and security where we might raise our children and all the family would enjoy life at its best.

Some not all even give thought to their

But the big question is  when and if that will ever happen.  You see since the Christian world has put in lock-down the Ten Commandments not only the rest of the world but also the Christian world has been left to wonder if there is anything solid that they may hang their hat on.

 Is it okay not to keep the commandment and if so are we free to set up our own standard? and if we have that freedom then what should be set up? It seems that there are so many ways vying for dominance so whose way do we choose?

Isis is by murder demanding the world do it their way. Rome by hook or by crook is trying to place themselves in the dominance spot where from his throne the Pope might be the absolute decider of what the world thinks never mind does.

on the other hand the non- religious world is screaming their heads off right now. They are shouting and loudly I might add: What about us? We have the right do be the deciders of what we do and say! They are  going so far in their effort to assure their place in this world that they are ripping  to pieces and trampling down everyone else making sure that they have no right but those that agrees with them and promotes them as the only way.

in the meantime murder abounds upon this earth done by all and on all sides. And in the mist of all this horribleness the commandment  that says “Thou shall not murder” stands trying to get our attention. If placed in a place od dominance within our hearts respect would be shown to all by all. Then the security we all need and want would be found.


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