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When the Righteous turn away from God

and all should follow in

However all too many of us who claim that Jesus has made us righteous live no different than those who we look down upon as being of this world. Pagans we like to refer to them as.

But let us take a good look at those pagans and then at ourselves for a moment. What makes a pagan a pagan? They worship false gods you respond. I respond to that by say not all pagans are idol worshipers.  Aha you then say. They do not worship the true God. With that response I must agree; however I am forced to ask this question. Are we truly worshiping the True God like we think we are?

Oh you respond I read the bible everyday. I go to church every week. I say my prayers and I know that Jesus is my Lord.

I respond saying oh you know?  You’re sure that He accounts that as faithful service? Since when does going to church  or praying make one a Christian? If it does show me from the bible where it is found. And since when does reading the bible make us Christians? Show me biblical evidence that, that is true.

On the other hand I’m showing evidence here that all that is false and that all those who claim that is what makes them Christians are just as much pagans as those they look down upon as pagans.

When we whom Jesus have made righteous turn our backs upon keeping the Ten Commandments  it does not matter that we do all the above. Jesus says I will no longer Justify you. He says I do not Justify pagans who will not allow me to change their life. Rather and even if they do not like it they are pagans like all the other pagans.

Turn to obeying Jesus and his law for why will ye die as pagans?

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