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God’s Deliverance To Come Soon

Many, Christians Included, Think that this event is nothing but a fairytale. We are so used to a world where hurt, pain, suffering, and death occur that it is hard to imagine life any other way. Oh so hard. But just because we think of it in terms of Greek Mythology doesn’t make it thus. Misconceptions are made everyday but, to fall into the mistake of unbelief where this is concerned is fatal to all who do so. Thus we need to read for ourselves scripture, not relying upon other’s opinions, taking the needed time to comprehend the what’s, the whys, the where’s, and the how’s. If we Christians  are at all to of a truth expect deliverance we better not just take a seat and do nothing while thinking that Jesus does it all.

Jesus in His book, the bible, gives to all fair warning. He says things like ” If you love me keep”,  Not all who say Lord Lord shall be saved but those who do as I say. Jesus has done, is doing, and at all times will do His part. But like it or not as much as it sounds like works Jesus says that we have a part to do in our salvation.  In God’s eyes it is not a matter of works vs. faith. In God’s eyes it is works of faith vs. works of the flesh. Will we try by our works to earn our salvation or will we in faith by Jesus’ help do the works that He expects us to do.

Yes God’s deliverance is soon to come but it shall come in His way and in His time. Works of the flesh which are works done in our own power will never do it. Yet God has given us a work to do. However, the works that we do must be done in that faith that Jesus can do all things and that in Him and His power we can do all things, Philippians 4:13.

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