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Liberty or Death: Which Part 95 The slowness of Time

The slowness of time seems in some ways to be so wrong. It seems that we are forever running here and there due to time being too short.  There is just not enough time in our day and time then just seems to move too fast.

With this in mind why would Peter say

We must understand, time to us and time to God take up two different ends of the spectrum. We live for a matter of decades. God has live from all eternity and will go on through all eternity.

So since we are faced with so shortage of time we must set things up so that they keep moving on at a regular rate of speed. God is not destined to do things by our timeline. His timeline is based on different criteria.

We look and say that its been two centuries since the promise of his soon return was made. How long is he going to take? He’s delaying his coming. Is he really coming back? Jesus looks at us and says. Be patient. I’ll be there sooner than you realize. I am just trying to make sure that even you are truly ready when I come.

We in our time, the way we think it should be get impatient and say God is too slow. God says be patient I am just trying to make sure all who want to be with me will repent and allow me to get them ready.

Oh if we could only see that the slowness of time has a reason a really good reason behind it.

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