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Liberty or Death: which Part 96 Only God can do


Want to keep the commandments?

Want to be made holy?

It cannot be done by any effort on your part.

You can profess Jesus as your Lord and savior.

You can go to church every week.

You can live an extremely good life.

The fact of the matter is this.

No matter what you do and how you live you still fall short of reaching God’s character in your life.

So is there any  hope?

There is only one hope that we will reach our gold.

And this is not it.

Here lies the answer.

As long as we accept his blood and daily trust in the blood sacrifice then in faith take into our lives Christ’ law abiding pure life making it a part of our own we will make it.

Jesus will open all heaven and earth to carry us through.

But we must remember that we must never look upon others comparing them with ourselves.

We must walk through with

It is by God’s grace and the power that is in that blood that we are able to walk through and nothing else.

Are we washed in that blood? Are we on a continue bases walking in that power?

If we are then is our obedience to his will showing it?

Do not fool yourself. there is a

to obey Jesus.

Which way are we obeying his commands?

While only God can do it for us if we follow the wrong pathway, we might believe ourselves to be his servants but God will not think it so.

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