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Liberty or Death: Which Part 98 Judgment day is coming

Many of us believe Jesus to be a loving God while we look upon God the Father as this mean demanding God who is always looking to and fro just to find something that he can condemn us with.

You: you are a murderer and you a thief.

No way will I ever consider you.

You: you broke this law oh and you, you broke every law in the book.

Well I guess you all do not belong here either.

But just in case the wrong impression is given.

Jesus because the law needed to be kept came and walked among us in order to show us how it should be done.

He did not come to give us free reign  with a sinful character while turning our backs on the very power we need to keep his law.

No God’s love for us is so gigantic that even while we yet were rebelling against doing it his way we might be through Jesus saved.

Remember however might is a key word here.

Jesus says that

Jesus says to all people who claim his name: you do not think my law valid and that I expect you to keep my Ten Commandments. Think again he says. You are law breakers who are rebelling against me while claiming to the world how dear I am to you. You who think yourselves to be my followers while teaching the world that it is okay to continue in your sins are dead wrong.

Judgment day is coming and in that day if you still think that way about my laws your reward will be with the wicked.

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