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Liberty or Death: Which Part 100 God is not dead

Has God delivered you out of your Egypt? In the bible God often uses Egypt as a symbol. In the bible Egypt is often used symbolically to represent what sin does to a nation; it’s people for the far reaches into rebellion that is possible to be  achieved.

During the time of Moses Egypt was at the top of its glory  and the pinnacle of it’s power as a nation. It’s medical powers  were never stronger. Evidence has come forth that shows Egypt as being in many ways far more advanced than we are. It has been found that they performed far more complicated surgeries than we have in our so called modern era; many of them were brain surgery. Not only did they complete those surgeries but they did so without complications.

There eating habits where much the same as ours. Much of it was of refine foods and meats.

Many of them like this Western society had a lot of time for amusement and recreation.

Egypt had everything going for it but somewhere they lost it all.

Perhaps at least in part their spiritual condition played its role in their decline and after fall. Spiritually the Egyptians were dead men just carrying out the duties of a physical life.

They stood before Moses and Arron, thus the Jewish Nation, saying just who do you think you are? Your God who is he?  We have gods who have taken care of us. They have made us the rulers of the world. they take care of us, feed us, and make us better when we are sick.

Your god has to be either a god who has no power, a god who just does not care about you, or a god who is dead. After all look what you and your nation have become. You are nothing but a bunch of slaves dependent upon us for the food you eat as well as for your very lives. God went from there to deliver His people.

Is any of this sounding at all a bit familiar to anyone?

Yes the good old US of  A. America now stands at its pinnacle. Our country’s power has never been higher than what it is now. We have been blessed as a Nation as well as a people among the nations of this world.

However we have reached the point in our Nations history where we are feeling no need of God. To be Homosexual is find. It is even to be promoted and the

choir must sing it’s praises upon the house tops.

God is not only being left out of everything but is being pushed out.

We as a people and as a Nation are at the point where the Egyptians were. We are presently shouting God is dead.


God is now calling out to us about what has been recorded in His word.

But let us always remember

And to the ones who continue in their denunciations of God  he has this to say.

So God is about to prove to the world that he is not dead.

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