A cosmic war taking place · A fear about keeping theTen Commandments · a good fear vs. a bad fear · Snared by fear

Liberty or Death: Which Part 101 Fear Good and for Bad

Fear: God put fear as part of our emotions for a good reason. But the fear that is in our life, is it for our good or for our bad.

As we turn aside from the law of the land we have reason to fear our governing powers.

However under normal conditions

on the other hand the bible makes it clear. As we grow into a place where we fear all those around us it becomes a snare to us all.

Then add to that fear of the very ones who are supposed to be protecting us and as Einstein is suppose to have said.

But all this only concerns reality as we can see it. There is more to reality than meets our eyes however. Things take place all around us everyday. we do not see them but they still occur. the wind is forever used as an example. Its true however. We may not see it but its results are clear. Adams, electrons, and protons  are forever there doing there thing to keep this universe functioning. Can you with your necked eye cause anyone to see them? No not without the help of a special scope you can’t.

So why is it so hard for us to accept that there is a cosmic war going on all about us that we cannot see. The bible makes plan that our earth is not the end all of God’s creation.

We have become the center of this conflict because one of those beings along with their adherents have been pushed from those other worlds and now have come to ours.

They are now these beings are in a struggle with the creator to get our allegiance. But they have reached the point where they do not fear God and his government. They are also seeking aid to do so.

All too often too many of us even while calling ourselves followers of Christ seek to do all we can to void Gods law and thus his authority. It seems that the kind of fear we have is for our bad. Instead of the kind of fear that would cause us to reverence and obey God our fear causes us to choose Satan’s side. This fear of God’s law  has us in such a precarious situation that we place ourselves in the boat that is heading toward a shipwreck.

Oh for a fear that is the beginning of all wisdom rather than fear that leads to destruction.


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