Choose life or choose death · Choosing God's way · giving due regard · Man takes God's place

Liberty or Death: Which Part 102 Due Regard

Due regard: what does it demand?

Is it bowing down to the government’s demands no matter what they are?


Is it worshiping at the at the throne of the religious leaders even as they are going against the word of God?

Daniel three verse twelve tells us of a time when men were expected to do just these very things.

Three men were found refusing to give up their faith however.

These men as a result were accused of treason to the king and his government.

this group of men the religious leaders said are refusing to do it our way.

They are persistently clinging unto their old Jewish ways.

As a result they were sentience to die in the fire.

Not because they were not good citizens but rather only due to the fact that they would not bow the knee to their self conceited demands. When ever man demands the respect due only to God freedom of worship disappears. In the long run any kind of freedom does not exist. One can only do what their governing powers permit. Yea that’s true freedom right?

This is exactly where this country and the world is heading. People who claim that they are progressive and very tolerant of others when in power are the most least tolerant people around, especially when you question the power that they be swirling over your head.

How dare anyone question their godly power, especially you religious begets. They are taking upon themselves the position of God and demanding the regard due only to God himself.

Yet the worst is yet to come. The Protestant churches are soon to grab the reigns of government and force people to do it their way. That is hypocritical on their part. One can never force one to love and obey God. God himself doesn’t force himself upon anyone.

the Protestant churches are in our present time choosing to do what the Catholic church id in the dark ages. This time however Jesus himself must interfere by returning for with the whole world being involved there will be no where for the honest of heart to flee in safety.

At this time Jesus will return. That is his promise and that promise he’ll keep. However, only those who do not walk out on giving God his due regard and offer it to man and their organizations will he call his people.

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