Man's condition after the fall · Man's way or God's way · Who makes man righteous God or man

Liberty or Death: Which Part 103 Jesus’ way or our way

Since the fall of man, Sin or as better known in the bible refusal to keep the Ten Commandments, mankind has fallen apart.

Before rebelling against God and turning our backs on His moral law we were strong and vibrant spiritually as well as physically. Our minds were tip top and full up to par.

Think for a minute. Adam had to have named all the animals that Friday the same day he was created because Eve was created that very same day, Genesis 1:26-28. The level of alertness Adam’s mind had to have been for him to in the matter of hours.

Now however without Christ the spiritual part of our lives are weak and puny. We also mentally and physically are fast arriving at bankruptcy.

We might not think it so but it is a true fact of life. All mankind realizes their condition. It is not that they do not want everlasting life but it is a matter of how they seek it out. It is human nature to seek out our own methods of reaching it. There are almost more false gods on this earth than there are people. Even as Christians  we find many ways to earn our salvation.

God is in love asking us

Jesus says no man can get to His Father except they come to him. We all to often say back to him I’ll choose you Jesus but only under my terms. I get to  day I keep as holy. I get to choose what happens tol people when they die. As well I get to choose how I get to you. Jesus looks on and says to us: that’s mans way. Has doing things mans way made you righteous yet?

Why do you not try it my way; the way that I have it mapped out in the bible? My ways are different than man’s ways. You are forever trying your way as a man and failing. You have not made yourself holy and righteous yet. Why not come to me. I can do what you can’t.

The sooner we as Christians learn that there is man’s way  and there is God’s  way the sooner we will be able to properly choose man’s way or God’s way.

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