Walking in sin's ways · Who are the true peacemakers

Liberty or Death : Which Part 104 Not all Peacemakers are God’s Peacemakers

When we think peacemaker just what do we think of; and what are our expectations?

For most of us our minds would turn to our world leaders seeking to bring peace to the nations.

Bur isn’t it funny? Most people look at the country where they preside which is perhaps the country of their birth and think oh how wonderful are our leaders.

We are thinking what’s right and what’s best for the world while other countries just think what is best for themselves.

  Why is this man’s way of thinking?

Just why do men  as men seek for their peace and safety with not one thought of God in the picture yet we lay on them the tag of God’s peacemakers?

Could it be that not all peacemakers are God’s peacemakers?

When Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God he meant it to be more than the way man sees peace?

Man wants peace but peace to let them alone in their sinful ways. We want to live it up when we want to, how we want to, where we want to, and with whom we want to.

If we are not married it should not matter after all we have feelings toward each other.

If we want to get divorced why should anyone else care? After all is that just a matter between me and my mate?

When I want to live with someone of the same sex why should anyone else have a say in it? It is our choices to do so and even God himself has no right to interfere.

Even if I want to change my sex why should you care? So I believe God made a mistake so what. What difference does it really make anyhow?

As well if I should choose to take a little of what isn’t mine or to force myself on someone once in a while so what. It’s not like I’m going about taking people’s lives.

Does anyone see where this kind of peace leads yet?

Peace is not true peace when it is in this manner. And I hope all can see and better understand now that not all peace makers are God’s peacemakers.

God wants more for us than this kind of lifestyle for eternity. He is the one who has made us and he is also the one who knows what is best for us.

until we are willing to accept what he wants for us our peace will never be a true complete and lasting peace. That kind of peace  that puts one at acceptance with events even though all about them there is unrest.

Yes not all peacemakers are God’s peacemakers. Man’s peace seeks peace for himself but is not always willing to give the some peace to others.

God’s peace puts one at peace with both his fellow man and with God his maker.


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