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Freedom a Description of Christianity

Yet this is just what the world is facing, on all sides of the fence. It is a serious issue when its handed down from a non believer to any church however, it is a far bigger problem man faces when one religion does it to another or to a non believer.

Freedom of religion is not only the right to believe in God and serve Him in the manner of your choosing; but it is also the freedom to choose to replace God with what ever you choose to replace Him with, even if the way one chooses to replace God with makes you turn your head in disgust.

Also one’s freedom of choice does not over ride anyone else’s freedom of choice. And here lies the dilemma. Both sides of the fence are trying to over ride the other’s freedom in an effort to make sure that they are accepted by the other side. But what right to I or for that matter any other Christian have that makes so that we are able to command others to believe what we believe? At the same time what gives Atheist, or the LBGT community, and ever Black Lives Matter or Antifa the right to say to a Christian or any other religious group that they must give up their personal belief system and replace it with theirs or lose home, work, and life.

No, no one has the right to force themselves like that upon anyone else. And we as Christians should be on the top of the list by thought, by word, and by actions teaching others to respect freedoms for all mankind.

Yet as sad as it is we Christians instead of trusting God and His ability to change lives turn to the Government to force others to live our life styles.


Freedom if it truly is to be freedom must come by ones choice not by force of arms. As an old saying goes: I am of the opinion that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.


We Christians need ever remember that our freedom lies at the foot of the cross. Did Jesus force us to go there? Does He force us all to believe the same thing? No? How dare we then force non believers to take on the Christian faith. Force may change their outward actions but it will never change their hearts.

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