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Liberty or Death: Which Part 105 Oh how as Christians We fall so short and need so much more of Jesus in us

Love your enemies.  What one of us truly loves all our enemies?

We know that Jesus in the bible has instructed us not only to love those who love us but also to love those who hate our guts. Those who rather have us dead. And to love those who would steel from us everything we ever owned and leave us to rot.

Doing this however is a hard thing. It is not easy for even a follower of the living God who has the power within him to help us to do so to rap around those who would treat us in such a manner beads of love.

It is so much easier to poke sharp jabs  of snide remarks back at them. to inflame the fire of hatred.

And while we are so willing to play tit for tat with them we do not take notice to where we are heading. Instead of drawing closer to our Lord and King we are walking away from him and His ideals for us.

Jesus was never and never will be like this. His commandments are not just a bunch of do not’s. They are to be a love relationship that we are to have first with him and then with all in this world round about us. They are meant to help guide us in our actions and our thoughts of all we come into contact with, no matter how little or how wide that contact might be.

We on the other hand seem to lack any power to treat our enemies with that kind of respect and honor.

On how as Christians we fall so short and need so much more of Jesus in us.

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