Thou shalt love and do only good · Thou shalt not hurt others

Liberty or Death: Which Part 106


The Bible has much to say about the happiness or that unhappiness of mankind.

Some of this knowledge is found in a little book called Exodus.

In part of God’s law, which His character, lies such an openness to the welfare of man that it seeks only to benefit those he loves.

In seeking to instill into us this his character he tells us to seek only the good for each other. and in doing this we find this commandment not just a don’t  do this or that but a statement that says love each other so much that all you can see and all you can do is for the good of each other.

When you love your mate in that manner you will never go out of that circle and put someone else in that place that you hold so dear thus hurting the one who has given that kind of love and trust back to you.

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