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Gethsemane Teaches Surrender

This event that Jesus went through is quite well known. Many look at this just mere  propaganda.  Still others see in it a God who is very weak or just claiming to be God. They view this supposed weakness as reason why Jesus cannot be trusted to overcome sin in their lives. Why a God who cannot stand tall and make a couple dozen men fall back slain has to be a fake; just a man made fairy tale.

But these ways are not the way a Christian should view this scene. The love that is in Jesus’ actions be the first thing to pop into their thoughts. God is love and here at Gethsemane He is expressing that Love for all mankind. Second but far from least Jesus needs to be placed in the light of a teacher. Jesus is teaching by example that surrender to God and His will for our lives is what we should live by and is the only thing that will enable us to be carried through to the other side.

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