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Receive the Peace that is in Jesus Part 12- Selfishness

Me, me, me

In today’s world that’s what its all about, me myself and I. Selfishness or perhaps a better way of putting it would be self centeredness is an evil that to a large extent has caused the total destruction of our world.


We people who claim this hunk of dirt as home seem to reflect upon ourselves as if life evolves all around us and as such we are the one and only one that counts. and when we reach this state of existence our relationships become affected.

We start doing more and more around what we want and what those close to us would like to do means less and less to us.

We may possibly enter a point without realizing it were we are ready to rip them apart when they seek to do something together when it does not agree with what suits us.

If we let it run its course it can get so bad that we will eat up the world in order to get what we want.

So what is the answer and how are we to correct the problem of self-centeredness?

We can turn to mankind but if we look carefully we will find the same self-centered ways coming out of them.

Until we take a good close look in the mirror and see ourselves for what we truly are nothing can be done for us.

there is only one  true permanent answer.

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