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Liberty or Death: Which Part 107


The fact that Jesus Made Eve to be someone very special to Adam should not be a mere joke.

Of all there is that pertain to man, outside of our relationship to God himself, our relationship with our spouse should be the dearest and most precious thing in our lives.

One of the most serious problems that this world faces is divorce. Our relationships have broken up crushed  by the rocks of this worlds pleasures.

Men profess this great and wondrous love for this young and lovely girl just to get her to marry him. He lays bare his intent to be faithful to her throughout their entire life. Then after five or ten years his power to put her first in all things wans. He starts to put himself first more and more, thinking of his wife less and less. She’s not as good looking as she used to be. She’s always busy with the kids and the housework. She doesn’t give him the attention that he desires anymore. Thus he seeks what he feels his wife does not give him  outside the sanctity of their marriage vows. Thus he shows his wife the she is not the apple of his eye anymore.

by doing this his wife is told that she must play second fiddle to him and his whims from that point on. His love if it was really true love and not just passion grows cold. And if he continues down that pathway it turns into ice.

Could this all be the fault not so much of the man himself but of the way in which he was trained to think about what love is. When mankind thinks of love they think feelings. Feelings that are beautiful and that are delightful. We fail to place our sinful natures in the mix. Thus when that delightful feeling gives way to the reality of this world and the true condition of our hearts it become too hard to fight to keep those feelings in place. The cares of this life and the natural lust of our bodies take over and over rule our feelings about our mates.

Oh how we must condition our hearts and mind to think of love as a warfare. A Constance struggle against the lust and the passions of our daily existence. This however can never happen while we continually hold out love as only a feeling that makes one feel good.

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