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A Letter To The World :Not Just Christians


This blog hopefully points the entire world to Jesus their creator. It is to the world and not just Christians.

The beginning of this worlds history started when Jesus himself created this species called humankind. However, within a very short span of time those He created chose to make a detour away from their Creators laws.

Adam and Eve chose to follow the lust of their eyes and the lust of their flesh. The desire of their hearts was put before love for their creator. It is the Spirit of God alone that can keep this world and its inhabitants from entering this slippery slope that we have entered. However, the further mankind has gotten from creation the more rebellious we have entered upon.  We sow evil seeds of our lustfulness and selfishness. Over time lawlessness, violence, sexual perversion,  and disrespect of our fellow man gets stronger and stronger while becoming more ingrained in the human heart.

to non- Christians in this world it must be said: take a good hard look at yourselves. you choose to deny your creator. Then you choose to do whatever pleases your fancy.  After doing this for awhile you become confirmed in your rebellion and cherish you way of life to be truth sent from God if you even any longer believe there to be a God. At that point you are ready  to force those who disagree with you, by force if needed, to give up their beliefs and say that your ways are the only true way.

As far as we Christians are concerned, we who claim to have God’s truths, we should know better. Yet we also stand in line to pick-up our works of the flesh, our personal desires, and our personal weaknesses. Our desire is to serve God in the manner that we decide is easy for us to do so and that while He is the maker and we are the made God has to abide by what we say. Like the ones we call world lings we also continue following our evil ways till they are accepted as bible truths.  And the more we cling to them the harder it becomes for us to distinguish them from true bible truths.

It is a fact of life: one rejects the good and while one retains some semblance of decency the hidden things of the heart grow and grow till there is an explosion. When that happens as we can verify through recent events lawlessness takes hold rather quickly. however it need not be. Jesus died for both world ling and Christian. For are we not all alike sinners in need of grace? If any of us are willing to meet Him at the cross and give our lives over to Him He has more than enough  to take care of all our needs.
























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