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liberty or Death: Which Part 108 Put on the Armor

Jesus reminded his nation back then and is still reminding us now that his purpose was and always will be one man and one woman forever and ever.

Man on the other hand does his absolute best to erase God in the human relationship.

Our natures are so full of lust and self deceit, and it desires it’s pleasures to such high degree  that God’s plan of self control is deemed as an enemy.

We want to do what we please whenever we please.

We want to be able to flirt from tree to tree, person to person, and hold as meaningless an act that is meant to be of a most precious experience.

Both men and women want the same out of this portion of life.

When I desire you no more,   when I find it not a pleasure anymore, or when I find it too hard to continue loving you I wand to be able to get out of the marriage and not have to face a God who expects more of me.

If I want the benefits of a marriage without the responsibility that comes with marriage nobody, not even a Creator, should be able to tell me that it is not right to do that.

When I choose to turn to someone of my own sex or to go back and forth between sexes its my choice and mine alone. God mind your own business and stay out of mine type thing.


But as our lust and desires take over our lives more and more what’s happening to us and this world.

This world and all who are in it are losing all common sense.

We need to be putting on the armor that God has provided for us and that will enable us to fight the fight against our lust and pleasures. Also to fight harder to keep the sanctity of the kind of relationships he has made for us to enjoy.

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