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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 14: Bound By A Tie Never To Be Broken

Satan put down claims that God’s Ten Commandment Laws of Love were in actuality laws of hate and spudded forth nothing but hate speech.

I’ll make it easy for you to claim to be a Christian but for sure I’ll make it so that in action you never can be one. And now if we take a close look around we will see in our present society  a total choice taking place round about us to join company with Satan in his accusations against God and His law.

Both Satan and ourselves say of God that He made a set of laws that are full of self-centeredness. It is claimed that only a selfish tyrant would expect every being in the universe to follow his decrees.  So what is it that we see entering our world today? People like the one they chose to follow, Satan that is, trying to play god. They are demanding upon the penalty of loss of job, loss of home, and even if needed loss of life that you blow your will and your beliefs to their will and beliefs.

But fortunately

  you have provided a way out of this mess.

Jesus has bound Himself to us in a tie that will never be broken. And thus due to this tie we can do all things including the keeping of His Ten Commandments by faith in Jesus as well as out of love for Him.

After all does not God’s Holy Word tell us that we can do all things if and when Jesus controls our lives and takes away our weaknesses then gives us His power.

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