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The Way of Salvation

Christians are looking forward to the day of their salvation. However, how is that salvation to come.

The bible is quite clear on the subject. There is for everyone to face two things.


To every man judgment lies in wait for them. This judgment will only be a one time event and its results very final and will be carried out.

Yet how many of us present to people, on a continue bases, falsehoods that turn those we seek to bring to God away. We scream out for all to hear, God is love. We further tell all that God because He loves them will put them in a fire so hot for endless ages. They look on while you inform them that while their only sin might be that of rejecting Jesus and His sacrifice they are to receive equal punishment as Hitler and Sennacherib King of Assyria do. Is it not any wonder the world looks upon Christianity  with eyes that say Christians are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

Should we Christians be taking a closer look at what we say we are and what we in truth are? If our Lord is a God of Love He cannot do evil hateful things, for either His love will cause Him to do what is best for people or He becomes a hateful vengeful God who dwells in His own revengeful pitiless spirit.

Let all mankind understand that God alone is the reason for our very life, Genesis 1:26, 27.  It is Jesus our Lord God that on the cross bought  us so that we might be once again in His fold. thus since we belong to Him He alone has the keys that decide our fate. And that is based upon what decisions we make.

We choose to give our lives fully over to Him salvation. We decide that we can do all things on our own without Him eternal Judgment. This judgment is a judgment od love for you and I not a wilily nelly mindless pitiless action by a deranged God who holds all power and will use it if He doesn’t get His way.

In Jesus there is life. However the opposite is also true. Without Jesus there is not life.  Thus as we choose to live without God living in our presence death comes as a result.

This is eternal separation From God and life and it is our choosing because of our lack of love for Him; not his lack of love for us.

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