Liberty or Death: Which Part 110

Along life’s Journey so the saying goes to all some rain must fall. However, there are times that it pours. And at periods that storm seems to come in epoch proportions. It’s during these times where all torment breaks lose that it becomes so hard to face your spouse holding a stiff upper lip and work things through. Oh how it becomes so easy just to call it quits.

However now is the worst time in ones marriage to do this. Pain that is never attended to puts one in misery. So an argument  that is left to simmer always comes to a boil in a bad way and at the wrong times. But while we do not want to be too hasty in what we do and say we must put forth a little wisdom.

Instead of putting forth sly remarks that cut your spouse to the core let a little time elapse letting wisdom rise to the upper portion of your brain. Wait upon your Creator. He as your creator knows your weaknesses and your strengths, as well as your spouses. Listen to Him and obey his voice. He knows how to handle the matter and if you both stay attuned to him he will not only let you know what to do but, will help you to do it.

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