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Receive the Peace that is in Jesus Part 13; A Sacrifice of the Heart

for most humans this saying is spot on. It is hard for the human mind to comprehend a life different than this. Yet there was a life that held different values than the ones that this saying espouses.

In the life of Jesus one finds someone who lived out a life that crossed the grain of this saying.  And what caused it all to happen, a heart filled with love.

Jesus as a member of the Godhead Had an extremely loving family. A family that had been around forever. Also a family that would be around forevermore. Yet he was ready to sacrifice his spot in that family if it meant just one person would be able to enter eternal bliss. thus not thinking of self nor his standing in the universe he put it all behind him to come to this earth and take on shame.

touching one’s heart is a very touchy situation. Feelings can  go aflame at the slightest spark of a word. one can be brought low or raised high and mighty just by what was said to them.

a heart can be lead into rebellion, into war, into self pity, or even broken by our interactions with them. This is what Jesus walked into when he came to this earth. While he died on the cross he died of a broken heart. Jesus however did this willingly so that we might be able to overcome sin in our lives. He put his heart into a meaningless gutter so that our hearts into kingly palaces.

Then there was the matter of his self-esteem. Jesus our Lord, our creator, and our King thought zilch about his position. He that was over us made of himself an equal. He put us first above him thus losing his self respect before many.

All this for you and me. Would not mankind be better people if they let Jesus put his image in us?

Is it not better to help others than to be self serving?

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