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Liberty or Death: Which Part 112


Love when given freely to some one else flows deep and wide.

When we receive that kind of love it is like being in heaven.

So why do so many marriages start out in heaven and end up in hell?

The heart is a  most precious member of the body. In our minds is contained our thoughts, our feelings, and the ability to control each. as still waters run deep so our power to grow in love or in hatred runs endlessly through eternity.

Whenever we start treating the heart as if it were a broken toy just to be tossed aside the heart in our mind changes course.  It becomes easier to look away from the one who has shared the love that made us feel as if we were in heaven and look to another. Adultery then becomes a viable way of fulfilling what one might think of as their need.

to keep one free from adultery and free to keep the seventh commandment one must choose life over the darkened life that ends in death to one’s relationships. We must ever choose the preciousness of the heart and never turn aside from our mates.

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