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Liberty or Death Which Part 113

The first time that any human being here on this earth had ever stolen anything was back in Eden. It should be said that there in that garden two things were taken that did not belong to the one who took them. The first we all talk about was the forbidden fruit. The second we do not often consider is that Satan stole God’s children.  Our desires and our allegiance Satan upon his stealing us from our creator have been set, sealed, and delivered part and parcel  to his side.


And just what do we get in return for throwing our weight unto Lucifer’s side? All our hard work’s treasures being taken from us by means that often ends in our death. Healthy food being riveted from our plates and replaced by unhealthy GMOS. Governments making certain ways legal to take the people’s money by leaving them no recourse.

All this would never have happened if mankind from the start, in that garden, would never have taken what was not theirs to take. Yet it is not too late to correct the matter if we really want  better lives. If we would only submit our lives to God and to his law He through Jesus  would be able to change our hearts thus our lives would be changed also.

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