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Liberty or Death Which Part 114 Decide In Whom You Trust

Choosing liberty  over death is not an easy task to do. Often it cuts across the strongest treads, cutting them in two, of our lives. Trusting in self is so much easier to do because you always maintain control. You always go the way you choose to go and do what you choose to do. And whether you succeed or whether you fail and even if you wind up on death row you sing out the preverbal song” I did it my way”.


On the other hand, as we can take note from Jewish history, it is not always so easy to give control over to someone else, especially when that someone cannot be seen.  Just how much can that somebody be trusted. And what if that somebody commands you to go where you do not want to do or to do what you do not want to do? Would you without question do the will of that person? Jewish history is full of examples of those who did and those who didn’t. It is also filled with pages that show God’s faithfulness to take care of his people, even in hard times.

God also has promised us today that he would take care of all his people’s needs. The promise is not and never has been nor will it ever be that he at all times promises to give us all our wants and desires. We also need to remember that while God causes blessings to fall on those who refuse to do his will as well as those who obey his voice His promises are for his faithful not for the disobedient.

God can only lift up and give his saving power to those who listen to and are obedient to his words.

Therefore we need to decide in whom we trust. Unless you choose Jesus and his way you are only trying to steal what is not yours to have.

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