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Liberty or Death Which Part 115

Bearing any witness  that gets others to believe what is not true about someone is the norm in todays world. Telling non truths are though so little of that we just look and say everyone does it so what’s the big deal.


We think so little of it that we run through this lie maze never knowing or thinking that our hearts are so full of lies that we make up excuses as to why what we are saying are not really lies. Ah its just a little white lie which doesn’t hurt anyone so it doesn’t really matter.

This though someone made it as a joke tells just how we would lie to God if it were possible in order to get away with the sin of bearing false witness about others. Even in our world governments lies pass around fish which flap around when they our out of water. Its their normal thing to do. So it seems to be normal that politicians lie in about every other sentience.  We claim that we expect transparency from them but even though they lie through their teeth to us we put them right back in office.

Lying may be a small matter to us human beings but its a huge matter to our creator and the one who wants to recreate us into his image. Could you imagine a God who would make lies up about you and then tell them to someone else? Satan would do it in an instant for  as the father of lies he thinks nothing of it. God on the other hand can only be truthful and in the judgment he will make known to you that truth good or bad which you seek to hide from yourself.

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