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Liberty or Death: Which Part 116 The Joys of Lying Ends Up in Death

It feels as if all too many people take too much pleasure in being deceitful to those around them. Dishonesty is running wild in the world that we live in. Men’s heart are forever lying to them. They not believing the words of the bible  go about telling their lies in order to get what they want think that Jesus just because he loves all mankind accepts them as they are and will never expect a change in their life to occur.



They seem to expect Jesus who is righteous and Just and cannot lie to live with and accept what is an abomination to him while they while they are sinning and think nothing of it would send to jail those who did the same to them.

But God says in his word that those who will obey in such a little matter such as a little lie will obey his voice in the larger deeper maters such as letting him put the image of Jesus in them. But as they prove to be dishonest or liars in the little things of life they will never gain the strength to be honest in heart when it comes to the more important things of life.

No people find too much joy in lying but in the end they will see and understand that what is now joy to then ends up in death.


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