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Liberty or Death: Which Part 117 Taken In By Lies

Keeping the Ten Commandments should be a way of life for the people of this world. Instead we have been deceived into thinking that God nailed his commandments to the cross with his Son Jesus. Even his church have come to accept as biblical that the Ten Commandments are not to be a part of the Christian’s faith.

But the bible tells us that

Many when they think of Satan think of this kind of being.

this false picture enables Satan to enter into one’s life having them think that he is an angel of light rather than darkness. He then is able with some twisting of scripture to get some to accept lies as if they were bible truths.

Always remember the bible has this to say about commandment keeping.

Yes all too many in this world, including Christians have been taken in by lies. The root of this lies in whom they choose to believe and in whom they  choose to ignore.

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