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His Appearing Is All Too Close


Yes Jesus’ coming is soon. All too quickly. Yet just a little while and we will have to stand before Him face to face. Presently we see no need of  drawing close to His side, but shortly, all of us will see Him coming in a cloud of angels. What a dramatic life changing event that will be. The question we all must ask ourselves is do I have the needed integrity to be able to be in the location of His being?


But it is said; there is nothing that I can do about it. It is not within me do make myself righteous. That is true but it is not an excuse. there is no such thing as an excuse for not making it to Heaven.  Because God has freely given us favor He has sent down to us His grace.  This grace is all rapped up in Jesus the Savior of mankind. And it is in Jesus our Lord that we receive the needed strength to be able to park ourselves in His presence and truly be able to stay there and not die.

But let us all remember that His appearing is all too soon and unless we come to Him now  a lost person we will be.


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