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Liberty or Death: Which Part 118 Great is This World’s Deception

Satan is a fallen angel come down to this earth from the throne of the living God. And below we see the special gift that he has given to us.

This gift we are all too familiar with personally. However with all that has transpired upon this earth thus far we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Jesus in his word has given us fair warning that if wen take heed we could avoid.

Yes Satan has far worst ahead and is trying to deceive the entire world into participating in their own destruction and that of the world. In these last few hours just before Jesus returns Satan seeks to unleash upon this world hatred as never seen before. Blacks against whites, one religion against another, nation against nation, friend against friend, rich against poor, and any other group or individual against another that exist. Satan even poses family against one another.

In the past there has always been a place to hide and have some form of safety. In these times however as the world becomes more and more at one with each other there will be no place to flee where one can have safety from those out to get them. And with all the evidence available as to where we are heading the world just seem to follow on in Satan’s great deception.

Oh how My prayer is that we listen to Jesus’ warnings and turn to him before its too late; for he will be our one and only hiding place.

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