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Liberty or Death: Which 119 The Song of My Heart

With our hearts and minds being as deceitful as they are  how are we able to investigate and explore them? We might start the  examination in complete earnestness yet  long before the exploration is over we wind up just rummaging around a patch of weeds. Then on our knees   we scream out in an agonizing tone of voice: Lord I try to search out all the evilness that is within me but all the fabrications it calls truth are nothing but a big tree full of deceitfulness dropping it’s fruit  of sin and lies throughout my entire life.

Lord where do I find someone who can search  me out completely?  I find that there is no one Lord; none but you can do what I need done for my life to be pure. Take me Lord, oh take me Lord I plead.

Oh God let not my deceptive heart rule my life and actions deceiving them to it’s content. Examine me, convict me, show me where my life needs changing,  and then Lord give me the power I need and desire to live your life out within me.

This is the song of my heart that I might be pure like you oh Lord and thus in the day of Judgment I might because of thee be able to stand.

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