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Liberty or Death: Which Part 120 Why Am I Still Sinning

Considering what time it is in this  worlds history why am I still sinning?

As a Christian seeking to follow Jesus and his word I do not always understand why I do the things I do. The world looks upon me as if I were the biggest liar that this world has to offer.

But I look at myself and say

So what am I to do? Decide that Jesus does not expect me to change but just believe thats one choice. This choice gives me free reign to go on sinning while believing I am okay with God. It however only gives non-Christians the belief that Christians are nothing but hypocrites.  Another way of thinking about is for me to decide that Jesus has no power within himself until he comes back to change my life. But if this were true then why in Mark 1:21 am I told that Jesus came to save me from my sins? Instead I continue to sin and claim to the world that Jesus has no power to change lives.

Thus I still ask myself if Jesus came to help me not to sin why am I still sinning?

Do I need a better understanding of the grace that God has given me? Do I need more of the desire to be sin free than I have now?  Is Jesus really as helpless as Christians and the world makes him out to be? Oh Jesus my prayer is that you will give me a thoughtful supportive comprehension of your word. Lord I have this fight within myself. Help me to stop lying to myself and to start obeying your voice.

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