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You were Predestined 1

2nd Peter 1:10 states that we are to do all we can to make our election by God a sure solid factor, part of your life.

Yet all too many of us who are laying hold of Jesus are saying we are predestined by Jesus unto salvation and there is nothing, not even raping or murdering someone, can take us out of that salvation.

Is that bible predestination?

If so then

If we are able to rape women at will and no longer have God’s judgment to face; If we are able to freely choose to murder beat and maim others as if we were doing no wrong at all and after doing these horrors we are able to stand firm in our belief that Jesus will freely without hesitation give us the gift of eternal life as if we had lived a Christ- like life or that he doesn’t care that we would not change because as a teenager we at one time chose to be a Christian then we destroy all that Jesus came to do for us and for others.

We make Jesus out to be this Sadistic creep that is determined to do only as He pleases  regardless of whether He be right or wrong; whether He treats people right or wrong.

But this is not how God is. This is not His character.  Jesus does not say to us you will be saved whether you decide that you want salvation or no. And you over there no matter how badly you want me to save you I will never do it. I am going to show you that I am the boss even though it kills you.

No He says you choose. Why do you choose death when you could have life? I want you to choose life and after you do I want you to on a continue bases make sure that you have not left the pathway and entered deaths highway. This business of once saved always saved is a lie taken from the book of Satan.

I am never free to choose to give my life to Jesus at one point  and then at another point in time choose to rape, murder, pillage, lie, commit adultery,  or any other sin and still go to heaven without repenting.

the closes the bible comes to preaching predestination is its teaching that Jesus died for all men that all might be saved. Jesus predestined you to receive salvation not to die but He has given you the freedom to choose it or reject it.

Which will you choose?










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