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Liberty or Death: Which Part 122

Do I truly believe in and live out God’s work in me? Am I allowing the one who started his work in my life to bring it about to its close or am I living as I did before I became a Christian  and calling it God’s work?

Perhaps I am climbing the mountain that leads one out of sin into a pure Christ-like life under my own power?

If that is what I am doing it will never work. Can a car that needs four wheels stand on and operate on two wheels; God ask me?

God says to me I can do it for you so stop trying with your own efforts. Stop bearing false witness about me. In other words if you continue saying that I have no power to keep you from sinning I will not be able to lift you up.

You must understand that I have the power. It is you not I the reason why there remains no power in you to have a change of life.

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