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The Law of Grace Faith and Works

What is a central doctrine that  God’s faithful from Adam to us who are living as Christians in this modern day lust of the flesh world are expected to live by. One of the main tenants of living a Christ filled Christ-centered life is the law of how God’s grace, how faith in Jesus, and how… Continue reading The Law of Grace Faith and Works

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Liberty or Death: Which Part 125

  Evil thoughts stem from the heart of the brain. They grow and fester there until they become fully ripened. Then whatever they are they burst out and are acted upon. Infidelity and disloyalty are ramped in this society of ours. More homes are hurt and broken up so that the very fiber of society is… Continue reading Liberty or Death: Which Part 125

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Why We Study God’s Word

John 5:39, 17: 3 You want salvation then you need Jesus.Where are you able to find Jesus? Search the scriptures for its there that you will find Him. then you will find the salvation that you are seeking. The whole purpose of the bible is to lead as many as will be lead to Jesus… Continue reading Why We Study God’s Word

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When This Earth Is Destroyed Where Will You Be

Is it your understanding that this earth is on its last legs. For most it is not a question of whether or not but when and how. For some the world as we know it will just explode apart and from its ruins will come a new world order, a better world where mankind has… Continue reading When This Earth Is Destroyed Where Will You Be