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When This Earth Is Destroyed Where Will You Be

Is it your understanding that this earth is on its last legs. For most it is not a question of whether or not but when and how.

For some the world as we know it will just explode apart and from its ruins will come a new world order, a better world where mankind has solved its own problems.

the trouble with this vain of thought is that man thus far has been able to solve nothing. We’ve have only made things worst. What has given us the idea that a few men and women whose hearts are bent upon getting their own way in things can change their hearts never mind ours?


Others are looking forward to what they refer to as the secret rapture. They and those who are like minded will be taken up to where it is safe while those of us who do not meet their standards will be left behind to face a world with still greater dangers which they themselves get to avoid.

Still others are looking for WW3 to come. To them this will be a war like no other war. They are expecting it to lay such havoc  upon this earth that mankind will have reached their end of days.


But none of these endings are the biblical ending. In the bible we look forward to the whole host of heaven with Jesus at its head coming to this earth to pick up His people.





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