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Liberty or Death: Which Part 124


The tenth commandment is one in which all the others are covered under. None of the others will be committed unless one first covets.  One will not steal unless the person who does the stealing covets what the one he steals from has.


I hope he got a note from my husband. What is this? First of all where is her note to participate in taking what is not hers to take part in? Secondly they both seem to want to go against the will of God just to please their own lust. They are both coveting and thus taking what God did not give them to have.

One could go through the entire commandments like this but this should be enough to get the picture of just what coveting does to a person . It also shows us just how badly we have gone a rye of God’s commandments. These commandments if we are to truly have a society the lives and lets live must be kept at all times.


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