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Liberty or Death: Which Part 125


Evil thoughts stem from the heart of the brain. They grow and fester there until they become fully ripened. Then whatever they are they burst out and are acted upon.

Infidelity and disloyalty are ramped in this society of ours. More homes are hurt and broken up so that the very fiber of society is being undermined to the point of the destruction of this world as we know it.

Sexual acts between people not married to each other fill the air with its maze of decomposing, foul- smelling, petrified garbage.

The taking of life appears to us today as such a common occurrence that hardly anything is thought about it anymore.  Why when one turns on the news these days it seems as if one to one half the news is taken up with shootings, stabbings,  or some other kind of killings.

Then it looks as if people just do not want to earn an honest living anymore. Its easier on them if they just take what you and I have worked so hard for. They give a flimsy excuse such as we can always get more. Well they could also if they would just put forth the effort and work. But in their evil thoughts they do not know what being honest enough to work hard to earn a good living means.

Greed plays a strong part in our lives today. But for some it festers in their minds where it becomes so strong that their greediness and their need foe self-indulgence become so to the point where it controls their every action. In this great need to fulfill their abandoned respect of self they covet what they themselves will not work for so they go out and steal it from the person who was not afraid to work hard for it.

the immorality of their hearts take full charge of the way they act, what they say, and what they do. They have no more commandment in them anymore that guides them that tells them that this is the honest way and this is being dishonest. Sometimes they just seem not to care. They know what they are doing is wrong but they are going to do it anyway.

In all this wickedness them must feel justified in doing what they are doing. Therefore deceitfulness enters their lives. All too often they forge  this counterfeit picture of themselves. They are these people who are take such awful  advantage of. They are mistreated, abused, and pushed down under where if from the beginning they would just set their minds that they had to work as hard as everyone else they could come by what they wanted honestly.

The lustfulness of the heart, of the eyes, and the flesh has over reddened mans life here on earth that it is 99.9% impossible to be able to live out ones life without someone doing something to them. Sin’s impressions just seems to dig deeper and deeper into our souls and how to we get it out.

With some people it just seems that when they look at you they are just sizing you up for the kill. Their looking at what you have and how they can get it. They’ll get it from you peacefully if they can but when they feel that they have to they’ll kill you to get what their lust-filled eyes are telling them that they want.

Then when someone tries  to show them from the bible the error of their ways they often go into a tie rate. While in this tie rate they thin nothing of blaspheming God and the bible. Profanity, irreverence toward God and Christians, as well as the vain use of God’s name plainly pop out of their mouths as if they had memorized  every word before hand.

They appear in all this to have a smugness about them where in arrogance they make themselves better than either you or I. They receive a large amount of delight  and pleasure in cutting the person who dares to tell them that they are living their life in a manner that hurts society to the core.

They just cannot come into the sight of their mind the stupidity of their life-style. To them why should their taking from others do any harm. After all they have to live also. How prudish can you get to thin k that they should have to work at a regular job? the thoughtlessness of your attitude toward them. How unloving and uncaring can you be?

Can  we see and comprehend what is being said in this verse or are we so prejudice against the bible and all it stands for that we will not listen to anything that comes out of it? this verse is giving us insight to what wrong with society today.  We see no need for the Ten Commandments in our lives. We can be good people without them. But all that’s wrong with society today is due to our rejecting and our not keeping the Ten Commandments.

We either as Christians or as non- Christians throw away these commandments. Therefore our lives are jam-packed, bursting over, and filled to the brim with emptiness which in turn has to be refilled with thoughts and actions whereby we may live. Like it or not we either overload our mind with the things pertaining to God or whit thoughts that Satan, mankind, or our own feelings put in.

One leads to the giving of control over to Jesus; thus true liberty the other while appearing to give liberty of conscience actually in the long run leads to slavery and death.

That is what this whole series has been about. You can choose liberty or death. Which one you choose is up to you. Eternal life or eternal death; its in your hands.

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