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The Law of Grace Faith and Works

What is a central doctrine that  God’s faithful from Adam to us who are living as Christians in this modern day lust of the flesh world are expected to live by. One of the main tenants of living a Christ filled Christ-centered life is the law of how God’s grace, how faith in Jesus, and how the Ten Commandments work together to turn our sin filled lives around and turn us into righteous people ready to stand before our Maker in the judgment time.

Still it is not our conformity to the Ten Commandments in and of tthat save us. While the Ten Commandments are the written script of God’s character they are not God. As such they are unable to save us from this degradation that we are in. Only God is able to do that. All the law can do, and ever could do, is to stand still and let us gaze at all the wonder and glory of Jesus. We need to take note just how far from our Lord’s righteousness we truly are.

After looking into the face of Jesus we need to submit ourselves to Him and let our Lord place His character as expressed in the Ten Commandments into our hearts and lives. Thus by living out the commandments by the grace and strength of Jesus we develop the image of Jesus in our lives.

Without grace there would be no salvation to begin with. God loves us and thus He in His love and mercy offered up Jesus to be our escape from a life of sin. This is called grace. Grace is something that we have no control over. It can be freely given and it can be with drawn at any point in time as the story of Noah so dearly shows.

Faith on our part is our freely choosing to take hold of God’s grace, that is Jesus, and allowing Him to implant in our hearts and life His nature, His temperament, and His moral fiber. In other words  Jesus’ character, or His personality, becomes our personality. When that occurs we will see less and less offensiveness toward God as we look into the commandments and while still not perfect we will see more of the4 face of Jesus in us.

Works we will be playing a bigger part in our walk with our Lord. But they will not be a work done on our part. They will be works of faith carried out of love for Jesus and a willingness to let Him take over the controls of our life. We will find a more willing heart to obey our Master. We will see that Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments thus out of love for Him our works of faith will follow in the keeping of all ten of them.

Here in my brothers and sisters lies the marriage of grace, faith, and works.  One without the others make Gods work for our salvation empty. If we are at all to have Jesus’ work completed in us we must partake of all three, that is grace first, faith second, add then we must never put as needless works of faith.



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